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Custom-made wetsuit

Dock Town, our second home, has derived after more than 7 years in diving industry with the aim to dive, work, spend time, live the life, and do activities in different and creative manner with full respect of natural surroundings.

Dock Town is the specialist of tailor-made diving wetsuit. We handle our wetsuit production with great care in all steps from first order to last delivery.

We are also the shop center of water-sport products for scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing and many others!

We feature popular brands, including iQ from Germany, Tusa, Sherwood, Ikelite, Rip Curl, etc.
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who we are
Diving company since 2005 from the love of the sea and scuba diving in Thailand.
contact us
Dock Town Co., Ltd.
43/18 Chalong Bay, Muang
83130 Phuket
Tel / Fax : +66 76 280 959
what we do
Custom made neoprene wetsuit
Gear Bag
Diving Courses / Daily trip
Online diving accessories shop